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Best acupressure mats for hypertension and lower blood pressure (UK) - Buying Guide: 2024

High blood pressure is considered a chronic disease, affecting more than one billion people worldwide. In fact, it is a lifelong condition that causes people to find alternative solutions, such as acupressure therapy with bed of nails.

Provided you use the acupressure mat regularly, you can regulate your blood pressure in the medium and long term, as the mat has various benefits for blood circulation and dilation of blood vessels.

What is the best acupressure mat for hypertension?

Wellax - Acupressure mat with pillow for targeted stress relief and improve blood circulation
  • Dimensions: Pillow: 23 x 32cm Mat: 74 x 44cm
  • Material: Cotton outer and coconut fibre filling
  • Colours: Grey
  • Acupressure points: 7506
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow and carry bag
  • Includes an acupressure cushion
  • Effectively relieves tension
  • For post-workout relaxation and regeneration
  • Optimised acupressure tips for good stimulation
  • Somewhat hard for beginners
  • Difficult to clean
The solution to relieve stress and improve symptoms of fatigue can be found with the Wellax acupressure mat. Don't miss out on this opportunity because it comes with a practical pillow that allows you to improve blood circulation to stimulate general well-being. The pleasant body massage you receive on the trigger points is ideal for reducing muscle tension and eliminating toxins that affect the soft tissues of the body, causing injuries.

You can use acupressure therapy to recover faster from insomnia, just place the mat with spikes designed to act on strategic areas that help the body's energy flow. It has a velcro fastener to attach the pillow to the mat, which is filled with natural coconut fibre. Please note that in some cases it does not effectively release endorphins and oxytocin.

Lixada - Acupressure mat and pillow with 2 pointed massage balls for Muscle pain relief
  • Size: Not specified
  • Material: Cotton outer and high density foam padding
  • Colours: Various
  • Acupressure points: 6210
  • Pack: Massage mat, pillow, two spiked balls and carry bag
  • Carrying bag included
  • Includes spiked massage balls
  • Various models to choose from
  • More complete than most
  • Low quality padding
  • No measurements specified
The eco-friendly material of the Lixada massage mat and the number of pressure points in its lotus flower design make it an ideal product to stimulate the body's trigger points. Thanks to the acupressure treatment you will obtain therapeutic results in the short term, as you will reduce anxiety and improve the quality of your sleep at night.

The 6210 points spiked mat adapts easily to the parts of the body that support myofascial release. Its design also includes a pillow with 1593 massage points, which contributes to complete relaxation. You can use it when practising yoga or on the go, as it is lightweight and can be easily carried in its case. In some cases the spikes can be detached from the fabric.

Wellax - Acupressure Mat with Cushion with Filled with 100% Coconut Fibres
  • Dimensions: Pillow: 23 x 32cm Mat: 74 x 44cm
  • Material: Cotton outer and coconut fibre filling
  • Colours: White, Orange
  • Acupressure points: 7506
  • Pack: 1 Massage mat with pillow and carry bag
  • Includes an acupressure cushion
  • Effectively relieves tension
  • For relaxation and post-workout regeneration
  • Optimised acupressure tips for good stimulation
  • Somewhat hard for beginners
  • Difficult to clean
Stop suffering from insomnia and reduce stress by using the Wellax acupressure steriliser. Its 178 lotus flowers strategically distribute the tines to provide a pleasant and holistic fit in the back and neck area. It is made of ecological cotton and linen fibres that cover the coconut yarn fabric, which makes it a high quality therapeutic item that will last for a long time.

The cushion and carrying bag make an ideal product to help the body generate endorphins and oxytocin, which will improve the quality of life. It is designed to be used by both men and women, as its 7506-point design adapts easily to the person's anatomy. In advanced cases of muscular rigidity, it is likely that this sterilised product will not be useful.

BODYMATE - Massage mat with Neck Pillow and Carry Bag for self-healing, meditation and relaxation
  • Dimensions: Pillow: 38x15x10cm Mat: 72x44cm
  • Material: Cotton outer and high density foam filler
  • Colours: 10
  • Acupressure points: 221 lotus flowers
  • Pack: 1 Massage mat with pillow and carry bag
  • Velcro mat
  • Designed for neck pain
  • With prolonged use the lotus Flowers detached
The 221 spiked plates with 33 small spikes each and its filling with 18D high-density sponge make this grip mat an ideal product to stimulate the dilation of the blood vessels. The BODYMATE self-massage mat is suitable for combating symptoms of fatigue and improving the aerobic capacity of athletes, as all its points effectively act on the sensitive areas of the fascia, which helps to release pain.

Don't wait any longer and choose this practical and comfortable self-massage mat, with which you will also get a neck relaxation pillow and a carrying bag as a gift. Self-therapy and relaxation has never been so easy to apply, as you will only need to lie on this item for at least 20 minutes a day. It is important to consider that, size may be short for some people.

Sportstech - Acupressure Mat with Magnets, Chair Fastening & Carry Bag for Pleasant Relaxation
  • Sizes: Pillow: 40x30cm Mat: 75x45cm
  • Material: 100% Natural
  • Colours: Yellow, Black
  • Acupressure points: 6930
  • Pack: 1 Massage mat with pillow and carry bag
  • Includes chair attachments
  • Perfect for relaxation and regeneration after training
  • Lotus flowers with central magnets
  • Carrying bag included
  • No materials specified
  • Somewhat hard for beginners
Reduce fatigue and improve your sleep at night with a Sportstech acupressure mat. Thanks to its unique design with integrated magnets and 6930 pressure peaks you will achieve immediate therapeutic results by stimulating the blood to improve overall well-being. You can apply this oriental therapy for 20 minutes by simply resting your back and placing your neck on the acupressure cushion.

You will effectively reduce stress and anxiety because the padding material and cover have no side effects. Don't miss this opportunity and get the acupressure mat with its pillow to combat cervicalgia symptoms. And don't worry about transporting it, because a practical bag with buckle fastener is also included. Please note, the quality of the materials is not comfortable for use in hot weather.

RIXESS - Acupressure Mat and Cushion with Bag for muscle relaxing
  • Size: Pillow: 38x28cm Mat: 75x46cm
  • Material: Cotton outer and coconut fibre filling
  • Colours: Brown
  • Acupressure points: 11800
  • Pack: 1 Massage mat with pillow and carry bag
  • Includes acupressure cushion and carrying bag
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Too thin mat
In the office, in your free time or after the gym you can use the RIXESS acupressure message set. Its unique, premium quality design provides just the right amount of pressure for fast and effective myofascial release. It is made of natural and hygienic materials, as the mat has a cotton cover with linen and the filling is made of coconut.

Thanks to its 11,800 acupuncture points you can stimulate blood circulation and come into harmony with the environment around you. It comes with a cushion and a cover for easy transport, as well as instructions for use and service so that you can make the most of the benefits of this product, but please note that the language used is German. The design of the lotus flower with its spikes achieves the ideal stimulating effect to relax and keep your mental balance in perfect condition.

BUONSON - Double Acupressure Mat Extra large XXL with 5 acupressure rings for full body
  • Size: Not specified
  • Material: Cotton outer and high density foam padding
  • Colours: Blue, Black, Pink
  • Acupressure points: Not specified
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow, 5 rings and carry bag
  • Including 5 acupressure rings
  • Carrying bag included
  • Perfect for lowering blood pressure
  • Designed for neck pain
  • No acupressure points specified
  • No measurements specified
Don't give up your lifestyle because of stress, we recommend the use of a BUONSON acupressure mat. It is ideal for use when you do yoga, sit in your office or want to achieve complete relaxation from home. The mat includes a pillow for the neck and neck area, which also includes acupressure points that help to release the hardness of the fascia from the tissues.

The product includes five acupressure rings to improve the dilation of blood vessels in the hand, just place each sphere on your fingers to stimulate irrigation. The mat is composed of high quality individual spiked circles, which contributes to better therapeutic effects in self-massage. Its size covers a large part of the back, but may be too small for some patients.

SUPERLETIC - Acupressure mat with pillow and coconut fibre padding for Relaxation & Vitalization
  • Size: Not specified
  • Material: Cotton outer, coconut fibre filling
  • Colours: Green
  • Acupressure points: Not specified
  • Pack: Carrying bag and exercise manual
  • Includes an exercise manual
  • Effectively relieves tension
  • Perfect for lowering blood pressure
  • Designed for neck pain
  • Not specify measurements and acupressure points
  • Thin mat
Recommended for the most demanding people who need to get the therapeutic effects of oriental medicine from self-massage, the SUPERLETIC acupressure pillow mat is ideal for daily use. The cushion is filled with lavender and wheat, which generates a comforting relaxation during use and helps to reduce work stress. The mat is filled with coconut fibres and lined with natural fabric to enhance comfort.

You can use it in your free time, when you are at home or place it on your office chair to relax your back and get better blood circulation. Don't waste any more time on products that won't do you any good and choose this practical massage mat with a gift bag to carry it. For some people, the size may be insufficient for use on the back.

PRO 11 WELLBEING - Eco Natural Acupressure mat and Pillow Set for relax and improve blood circulation
  • Dimensions: Mat: 72 × 44cm Pillow: 30 × 40cm
  • Material: Organic cotton Cover
  • Colours: Grey
  • Acupressure points: Mat: 221 Flowers Pillow: 51 Flowers
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow and carrying bag
  • Includes an acupressure Pillow
  • Effectively relieves tension
  • For post-workout relaxation and regeneration
  • Somewhat hard for beginners
  • Poor quality
Unlike other cheap mat and cushion sets, this is a thick, heavy material that lasts much longer. Relieves back, neck, shoulder, hip and joint pain. Increases the level of endorphins (the feel-good hormone). Improves the quality of sleep. Relieves muscle tension and stiffness.

You can use acupressure therapy to recover more quickly from insomnia. Simply place the mat with the tips designed to act on strategic areas that support the body's energy flow. It has a Velcro fastener to attach the pillow to the mat, which is filled with natural coconut fibres. Please note that in some cases it does not effectively release the endorphins and oxytocin.

Fazen - Eco-Friendly Acupressure Mat and Pillow with Massage Ball for Relieves Stress and Sciatic Pain
  • Dimensions: Mat: 72 × 45cm Pillow: 39 × 29cm
  • Material: Organic cotton Cover
  • Colours: Grey
  • Acupressure points: Mat: 221 Flowers Pillow: 57 Flowers
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow and carrying bag
  • Includes user guide
  • Eco-Friendly
  • With Massage ball
  • Somewhat hard for beginners
  • Only one colour
Acupressure therapy treatment: professionally recommended to promote healing and release muscle tension: the fazen acupressure set can be used to reveal various pains such as back, neck and shoulder pain. It is also useful for relaxing tense muscles and increasing your energy. Eco-friendly, organic and non-toxic materials and packaging: the fazen acupressure set comes with a mat and a pillow. The materials are made of natural coconut fibres and 100% organic, breathable cotton. it also comes in a 100% biodegradable plastic bag. the entire set is made of non-toxic materials.

Cork massage ball to reduce plastic use: they care about your needs and the environment. so to give you the best option to reduce plastic use, have added a cork massage ball to the acupressure set. the massage ball helps you release tension in: legs, buttocks, shoulder area and the soles of the feet. Easy to carry bag: take it everywhere you go: the velcro strap of the fazen acupressure set makes it easy to carry. you can take this set to your yoga class, to the office or place it on the seat of your car. you can also take it on long trips and car journeys.

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The types of acupressure mats for pain relief you should know about

What is hypertension and what are the causes?

It is a disease that can be controlled, but if the patient is negligent, it can cause complications in the blood circulation and affect the function of the heart. In addition to medications, there are a number of recommendations that specialists ask patients to follow, such as therapies with acupressure mats.

Since the symptoms of high blood pressure are not clear, it is better to prevent discomfort and discomfort by frequent use of acupressure mat, which is an affordable alternative to prevent high blood pressure from taking control of your life.

Here are the main causes:

  • Genetic predisposition: The risk of developing hypertension is twice as high if one parent also has hypertension. And in terms of gender, men have a higher prevalence of this vascular disease.
  • High Age: Systolic and diastolic blood pressure tend to increase with age. People aged 45-50 years and older are more likely to have hypertension for the rest of their lives.
  • Overweight and obesity: this risk factor increases the likelihood of an adult developing blood pressure problems threefold. Therefore, an appropriate muscle mass index (MMI) is recommended from adolescence to old age of patients.
  • Kidney failure: the various kidney complications also lead to hypertension problems, complicating the vascular diseases that already accompany the difficulties of this important body organ.
  • Hormonal imbalance: there are various reasons for hormonal imbalance; in women, one of them is the misuse of birth control pills, and then when obesity is added, changes in blood pressure are quite common.
  • Drugs: some legal and illegal substances have also been shown to increase the risk of damaging the circulatory system and the function of the heart, which can lead to blood pressure problems.
  • Nicotine use: an additional section is dedicated to this single risk factor, as millions of people worldwide are active smokers and have developed vascular problems, including hypertension, over the years.

Can you really control high blood pressure with acupressure therapy?

It has been proven that acupressure mat therapies can permanently regulate blood pressure, as the stimulation from acupressure releases an increased amount of beta-endorphins.

From the central nervous system, this component acts to reduce the risk of cardiac arrhythmias and promotes dilation of the vessels and veins, preventing the artery walls from hardening from the constant work the heart must do to maintain blood flow. The mat also ensures that more oxytocin is produced, an ingredient that helps relieve stress and tension in the body. It helps people stay calm in mentally stressful situations.

A study at Granma University of Medical Sciences found that alternative therapies such asAcupuncture, acupressure and reflexology are actually effective in helping people control blood pressure imbalances.

More than 100 patients were observed and followed before and after using these non-clinical therapies, but they were shown to reduce the likelihood of complications from this vascular disease. Doctors, physiotherapists and sports scientists around the world confirm the positive effects of acupressure in the treatment of hypertension, but point out that it is necessary to be consistent in the use of the acupressure mat.

How can i use the bed of nails to control hypertension?

Yoga and Meditation

To address some of the symptoms of hypertension, experts recommend various gentle yoga exercises that help regulate blood pressure and are ideal for those with no experience in the discipline.

  • Lay the mat on the floor.
  • Lay your body on your back with your legs extended.
  • Lift one leg and place it parallel to the floor.
  • With the support of a strap or loop, pull the metatarsals towards your body, i.e. downwards.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and do the same with the other leg.

We can perform a variant of this exercise, which also stimulates the back and legs:

  • Continue to lie on your back.
  • Bend both legs without lifting your feet off the floor.
  • Lift your left foot and place it on your right knee.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds.
  • Do the same with your right foot and bring it up to your left knee.
  • Hold this position for 10 seconds.

You probably need special exercises for the hips, in which case check out this routine:

  • Lie down with your back on the mat.
  • Bend and lift both legs.
  • Rotate your hips to the left and hold this position for 20 seconds.
  • Return the hip to its normal position and rotate the hip to the opposite side.
  • This cycle can be done four times if you are comfortable with these rotations.


If you don't practice yoga or Pilates regularly, there are simple exercises you can do at home to improve your circulation.

  • Place the acupressure mat on the floor.
  • Lie with your back on the mat so that your entire back and part of your buttocks are covered.
  • Bend your knees without lifting your feet off the floor.
  • Gently gyrate your hips to either side, you should be able to do about 10 repetitions.

If you lie on the floor, you can gently move your hips to stimulate blood circulation:

  • Stretch your arms and legs as far as you can.
  • Alternate raising and lowering your hips.
  • The lotus flowers should touch your entire back, buttocks and hamstrings.
  • You can do 20 repetitions of this routine.

In the same session you can move your legs for better stimulation:

  • Lie on your back on the mat.
  • Lift each leg and bend the knee.
  • Pull the knee toward your chest and hold the position for a few seconds.
  • Now perform the same movement with the other leg.
  • You can repeat this routine two times

Duration and regularity of use

The maximum time you spend on the mat should not exceed 15 minutes. If you do several exercises, you should distribute this time among the exercises you will do.

Aworkout session should usually last no longer than 20 minutes, but you can take breaks before repeating a full cycle. You can even repeat these exercises every day if you feel comfortable doing the same routines all the time. If you want to use it every day, look for more variations of the exercises presented here.

Other health tips

For prevention, we offer a number of recommendations and habit changes that you should implement in your everyday life to avoid being included in the worldwide statistics of hypertension patients.

  • Watch your weight: hypertension is closely related to obesity in people who tend to eat a high-fat, high-carbohydrate diet without burning those calories.
  • Get checked out by a doctor: If there is a history of family members with high blood pressure at home, seek advice from a medical professional to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Exercise: Daily walking, jogging and stretching are healthy ways to prevent blood pressure irregularities. This has more to do with creating a different habit.
  • Adopt a healthy diet: watching your weight is not enough, your body needs a fair and necessary intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol: it has been proven that excessive alcohol consumption leads to constriction of blood vessels and veins. When this happens frequently, the heart suffers more to maintain the proper level of blood pumping throughout the body.
  • Avoid smoking: Nicotine is harmful in many ways, but it especially causes a blockage of the circulatory system, which is like a narrowing of the walls of these passages.
  • It reduces stress: anger and helplessness raise blood pressure to dangerous levels. It has even been proven that heart attacks are often triggered by a sudden increase in blood pressure, without any prior symptoms.

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