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Best massage balls for trigger point (UK) - Buying Guide: 2024

Myofascial massage balls provide ischemic compression that reduces muscle movement restrictions associated with muscle tension in areas known as trigger points.

These points may be present in the myofascial tissues as well as in the muscles. Therefore, before beginning therapy, the area to be treated must first be located and stimulated with light pressure to prevent further damage to the connective tissue.

What is the best massage balls for trigger point?

Beenax - 3 Pack Lacrosse Massage Ball for Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Plantar Fasciitis
  • Sizes: S(3cm)-M(5cm)-L(6,5cm)
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colours: Blue, Purple, Red
  • No. of Units: 3
  • Pack: Book Exercise
  • Latex free
  • For various areas of the body
  • Different sizes
  • Perfect for relieving tension
  • Some units may smell strongly of rubber
  • Large ball too soft for some people
Thanks to the set of balls, in three different sizes, Beenax will give you the benefits of myofascial release. This is because the materials and density of each of the colours generate different pressure on the trigger points of the body, which helps to stretch the fascia that causes pain. Their varying sizes will help you to apply to all parts of the body, especially after physical training, work or travel.

Don't miss this opportunity to get all the benefits of acupressure from a single product. Just choose the right ball to rub on your neck, back, hand and any other part of your body where you feel pain. It is useful for reducing stress and lowering anxiety, but keep in mind that the density and size of the smaller sphere may not be sufficient for some muscle treatments.

Fine-toned - Lacrosse massage Ball for rehabilitation, physiotherapy exercises and deep tissue
  • Size: 7cm-2,75in
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colours: Orange
  • No. of Units: 1
  • Pack: Ball
  • For various areas of the body
  • Perfect for relieving tension
  • Too hard for some people
If you are looking to improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins, you can choose the Fine-toned self-massage ball. The technology used in the materials and the size of this massage ball make it the ideal health complement to correct bad posture and reduce stress, just rub for 20 minutes daily. It comes with a free instruction manual so that you can apply the acupressure therapy in the different areas of the body.

You have the option of choosing various positions of myofascial release so that, with trigger point therapy, you can reduce muscle tension. It is ideal for quick recovery from tennis elbow, low back pain and neck pain, but be aware that the size can be detrimental when applying acupressure massage to the shoulder and calf.

TRIGGERPOINT - Deep tissue massage ball for Trigger Point therapy and back pain relief
  • Size: 5cm
  • Material: Foam rubber and fabric
  • Colours: Green and White
  • No. of Units: 1
  • Pack: Massage ball
  • Ideal for small muscles
  • Quality finish
  • Difficult to clean
You can have your own masseur at home without spending too much money. Choose the Trigger Point self-massage ball with which you can use acupressure therapy and reduce joint stiffness quickly. It has been developed to prevent displacement and to ensure that the ethylene vinyl acetate generates pressure on the trigger points of the fascia.

For faster recovery, use the massage ball on your living room floor or use a wall for more effective pressure rubbing. You can ask someone else to help you massage your back and neck. Their durable, easy-to-clean materials do not accumulate odour and improve blood oxygenation. Their size may be insufficient and cause pain in certain injuries.

H&S 2x Lacrosse Ball for Trigger Point Massage and Rehab Physiotherapy
  • Measurements: 6,5cm
  • Material: Silicone
  • Colours: Blue, Orange
  • No. of Units: 2
  • Pack: Massage ball
  • Perfect for trigger point therapy
  • For various areas of the body
  • Helps stimulate blood flow
  • Pilates, Yoga, Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy
  • Loses its shape after a lot of use
  • Too soft for some people
For people looking for a quick recovery from muscle tension and joint discomfort, the use of the pair of H&S balls is recommended. Their silicone material generates stability during massage for better support of trigger points that cause pain. They are suitable for use in pilates, yoga and physiotherapy treatments where stress and anxiety symptoms need to be reduced.

They can be used individually by anyone, as no help is needed to stimulate blood circulation and reduce pain. Myofascial release occurs effectively after a workout or a long day at work because you only need to rub the balls on the affected area of the body. Don't miss this unique opportunity to get a good ally for your health, but keep in mind that their materials may slip during use.

Fitness Mad - Set 3x Trigger Point Massage Balls with different hardnesses
  • Size: 6cm - 2,36in
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Colours: Blue, Grey, Green
  • No. of Units: 3
  • Pack: Carrying tube
  • Perfect for acupressure and trigger point massage
  • Different hardnesses
  • Some units may smell for a few days
Make your own massage, just like the experts do. To do this you will need to use the Fitness Mad ball set of three different hardnesses. They are colour-coded so you can use them efficiently on each of the trigger point areas that are causing discomfort. They are easy to clean and store, so you can take them everywhere to generate your own myofascial massage for 15 to 20 minutes a day.

The specialists who created the massage balls thought about the quality of the materials to make them durable and the practicality of their use. You only need to press, lying down or sitting, on the affected area to stimulate blood circulation. Don't waste any more time and choose this complete set of massagers to apply on the body, although you have to consider that the density of the materials may cause more pain.

ACUPOINT - Physical Therapy Massage Balls for Yoga, Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Measurements: 6,3cm - 2,5in
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colours: Blue, Purple
  • No. of Units: 2
  • Pack: Carrying bag
  • Easy to transport
  • For various body areas
  • Suitable for Yoga
  • Perfect for various ailments
  • Beginners may find the massage too intense
  • Same hardness for both units
Stress reduction and anxiety management can be easily treated with an Acupoint massage ball. The yoga ball set is ideal for use on the lower back to correct posture, but can also be used on the shoulder to relieve rotator cuff pain. People who use the two physical therapy balls for 15 to 20 minutes a day stimulate myofascial release at each trigger point.

You don't need anyone to get good results, as you only need to sit or lie on the floor to rub the balls of different densities. Each of the massage balls are made of non-toxic rubber, so that they last for a long time. It is important to consider that you can use it in the gym or at home, although it is not intended for therapy for children.

TRIGGERPOINT - Massage ball for Deep Tissue Back, leg, thing and calf pain relief
  • Measurements: 6,3cm - 2,5in
  • Material: EVA Rubber
  • Colours: Red, White, Black
  • No. of Units: 1
  • Pack: Massage ball
  • Latex free
  • For various body areas
  • Layered construction in different densities
  • Perfect for relieving pain and tension
  • Some units may smell rubbery
  • Loses its shape with prolonged use
Take the TRIGGERPOINT deep tissue massage ball wherever you go and use it whenever you feel muscle tension. The material, ethylene vinyl acetate, is ideal for maintaining cleanliness and eliminating odours from the fabric it covers, helping you to use it anywhere. If you want to achieve faster myofascial release, you need to massage the trigger points every day for a few minutes.

Use this ball to stimulate circulation and improve oxygenation in the muscle tissues, which will lead to better flexibility. Note that, thanks to acupressure, you can help aerobic capacity, which is very important for the most demanding athletes. Once you start using it every day, your body will generate endorphins and oxytocin for deeper relaxation. In some cases, the material did not retain its quality after several uses.

YOGABODY - 2x massage balls with canvas bag for deep tissue massage for yoga and fitness
  • Sizes: One size fits all
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colours: Purple
  • No. of units: 2
  • Pack: Carrying bag
  • For various body areas
  • With large carrying bag
  • No dimensions specified
Internal tissue pain will begin to disappear when you use the YOGABODY self-massage ball set. Thanks to the therapeutic benefit of acupressure, you will achieve better sports performance and tendon stretching, which will help you to keep you from missing out on the activities you love. Start using the self-massage balls for a few minutes to create a general feeling of well-being.

It is ideal for stress reflexology therapy, also to reduce anxiety and correct posture, just stimulate the trigger points of the body to soften the fascia. It can be used in elderly people or in patients with vertebrae impingement, just by lying down and feeling the softness of the materials of the balls, the effects will begin. It is necessary to know that in some cases they were difficult to use comfortably.

Plyopic - Set  Massage Ball for Deep Tissue Muscle Recovery, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy
  • Sizes: Different sizes
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colours: Grey, Black
  • Nº of units: 4
  • Pack: 4 Balls with Carrying bag
  • For various body areas and types of massages
  • Pack of 4 balls with carrying bag
  • Some of the balls may be too hard for some people
The ideal product to reduce stress and control anxiety is the Plyopic massage ball set. This 4-item set consists of a lacrosse ball, a spiked ball, a peanut-shaped massager and a roller massage ball. This kit also includes a carrying bag and a manual with instructions to enhance your acupressure therapy sessions.

The different components included in this set of massagers loosen muscle tension, thanks to the pressure they exert on the trigger points until myofascial release is achieved. A wide range of exercises can be combined to accelerate the recovery process for plantar fasciitis, low back pain, cervical pain, tendonitis and other disorders. The hardness changes according to the product, but in some cases the piece is not suitable for certain internal massages.

ResultSport - 3x Lacrosse Massage Ball for Back (Hard/Medium/Firm) for Plantar Fasciitis Recovery
  • Size: 6cm - 2,3in
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colours: Yellow, Orange, Red
  • No. of Units: 3
  • Pack: Carrying bag
  • Different densities
  • Pack with 3 pcs
  • Some units may smell like rubber
The ResultSport set of 3 balls with different densities can be used for multiple purposes, ideal for treating recovery from plantar fasciitis, massaging trigger points and loosening the hardness of the fascia by means of acupressure. To get the best results, just choose the colour of one of the three balls and rub it on the affected area. After about 20 minutes you will feel a general sense of well-being.

They are designed to be used by athletes and people suffering from leg, hip and back discomfort. Athletes will recover faster from muscle tears and pulls. To do this, it is necessary to massage before and after training to loosen the structure of the fibres. It is important to know that they are easy to clean, but the lifespan can be short if used improperly.

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The types of massage products you should know about

What are trigger points and why do they occur in myofascial tissue?

The human body has trigger points and activation points. These are stimulated to relieve the tissue in that area and reduce pain in a related adjacent area, e.g., treatment of back areas to relieve migraines.

Both types of points are caused by overexertion due to physical or sports activities that leave muscles exhausted and with tension. They are caused by working at a computer all day, standing, and adjusting sports training.

What are the best types of massage balls for trigger points?

  • Lacrosse balls: This product is sold individually and in packs of different sizes. This is usually the best purchase option, as you can vary the intensity of the massage as you wish, depending on which points you want to loosen. You should start with the softer balls to prepare the muscles.
  • Balls with spikes: they are usually made of a very soft material that adapts to the figure in different parts of the body. They are not exclusive to the back, but have a great positive effect on it. With the spikes you will have more depth in any massage.
  • Peanut massage balls: they are perfect to stimulate all the muscles near the spine, without touching the bones that should not receive this type of pressure stimulation. The massager will solve the problems from the lumbar to the cervical area.
  • Vibrating balls: These are more for home use, as all you have to do is turn the product on and place your hand on the area where you feel the most stiffness, although you can also use them as a lacrosse ball, on the floor or by leaning your body against the wall.
  • Foam roller: although this is not a massage ball, it too is used to stimulate myofascial tissue and massage trigger points. They cover a larger area than massage balls, but are less effective in tight areas.

The best exercises to use massage balls for trigger point

Exercises for the neck and neck

  • Always lie flat on the floor or a firm surface.
  • Place the massage ball on the back of your neck, below the base of your skull.
  • Gently roll your head from side to side.
  • Avoid contact with the bones.
  • When you feel a hard spot, hold this position with gentle pressure for 30 seconds.
  • This routine can be done for up to two minutes.

Exercises for the upper body

  • The area where it has the greatest effect is the hip.
  • Lie on the ball and on the side where the stiffness is located.
  • Support your body with your forearm to regulate the pressure.
  • Place your upper leg in front of you.
  • The massage ball should be between your body and the floor.
  • Move your hips in different directions to loosen the knot.
  • Hold the same position for 30 seconds in the areas where you find a hard muscle area.

Exercises for the back and lumbar spine

  • In this area, it is best to use the peanut-shaped ball.
  • Place the ball between your body and the floor.
  • Start applying gentle pressure from the end of your back and the beginning of your hips.
  • The movements should be forward and backward.
  • If you are using a lacrosse ball or a ball with spikes, you can make lateral movements.
  • Reposition the ball to stimulate a different level of the lower back.
  • Remember to breathe slowly at all times.

Exercises for feet and legs

  • You should stimulate both the quadriceps and hamstrings (front and back of the thigh).
  • Place the ball on both parts separately.
  • Make gentle gliding movements forward and backward.
  • Keep the pressure where the stiffness is greatest.
  • Remember to do this routine on both sides of the leg for two minutes.
  • Pressure on trigger points should not last longer than 30 seconds.
  • For the feet, you should step only on the softest ball.
  • Try to make gentle movements in all directions.
  • Since the arch of the foot is sensitive, you should not apply too much pressure.

Alternatives to massage balls for the relief of trigger points

  • Acupressure mats: they are based on the principles of acupuncture, one of the techniques of traditional Chinese medicine. They provide myofascial relaxation, muscle relief and an increase in blood circulation.
  • Massage hooks: They are ideal for pressure stimulation of trigger points along the back and shoulders and are designed to allow people to safely self-massage.
  • Foot massage rollers: they are used to relieve tension in the tissues of the sole of the foot and forefoot and have a soothing effect on plantar fasciitis. These products can also be applied to the Achilles tendon and forearm.
  • Portable massagers: these are the first known portable massagers that are affordable at the same time. They can be used to relax trigger points on any part of the body without limiting the duration of application.
  • Muscle massage gun: Has an inhibitory effect on pain receptors in muscle areas where minor injuries have occurred. Its soothing effect is temporary, but effective at the time of application of percussion massage.
  • Foam roller: it is a versatile product that can be used anywhere on the body for myofascial release and to loosen muscles that are tight due to intense physical activity. Daily use prevents possible physical injuries due to muscle fatigue.
  • Electric foot massagers: with this kind of product, stimulate blood circulation and regulate body temperature, so that people can have the benefits of heat therapy when treating chronic and poorly healing injuries over time.
  • Electric vibrating massage ball: it is designed for more domestic use and provides uniform stimulation of myofascial tissue. These products are most effective when quick and lasting relief is needed for minor injuries such as tension and muscle fatigue.

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