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Best acupressure mats for reduce anxiety - Buying Guide: 2024

When you use the acupressure mat, you apply all the benefits of acupuncture in a single product, easy to use and with minimal risk, if you take into account our recommendations on the time and form of application.

Anxiety is a mental condition that can easily interfere with proper muscular, myofascial and sleep phases. We comment that all these features can be treated in the first routine session with this product. In this article you will find recommendations, tips and ideas on how to get the most out of the acupressure mat.

What is the best acupressure mat for reduce anxiety?

PRANIVA - Acupressure body mat and pillow with bergamot and lemongrass aromatherapy
  • Size: Not specified
  • Material: Cotton and wheat, bergamot, lemongrass filling
  • Colors: Black, Yellow
  • Acupressure points: Not specified
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow and carrying bag
  • Lemongrass and bergamot aromatherapy
  • Filled with natural wheat husks
  • Does not specify measurements and points
The technology used in the design of the PRANIVA hypoallergenic pillow allows you to find mental balance and relax your body faster. Its design includes handles to be carried like a regular bag, which helps improve comfort and encourage its use. It is filled with organic buckwheat and aromatic flowers of natural origin which reduces stress and improves overall well-being.

Sleepless nights and headaches will be a thing of the past when you start using this organic linen mat, just relax and put your mind at ease to get the effects of acupressure. The spikes on each lotus flower will stimulate the blood circulation of your skin which will help you to have a restful sleep. It may happen that for treating primo myalgia symptoms, this therapeutic cushion may not produce sufficient healing effects.

ProsourceFit - Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back and Neck Pain Relief
  • Sizes: Pillow: 15x12in - Mat: 29x18in
  • Material: Cotton outer and coconut fiber filler
  • Colors: 14 to choose from
  • Acupressure points: 6534 + 1377
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow and carrying bag
  • Post-workout relaxation and regeneration
  • Optimized acupressure points for stimulation
  • Filled with natural coconut fibers
  • Various models to choose from
  • Edges and endings to be improved
  • Difficult to clean
The use of the small pressure points of this acupressure mat and its pillow will help relieve back and neck pain. The ProsourceFit mat is designed for the most demanding people who want to achieve muscle and mental relaxation effects quickly. Its materials are of high quality, since it is 100% linen and filled with coconut fiber, the time of use is prolonged.

The 6534 points of the blanket and the 1377 acupressure points of the cushion generate a faster myofascial release, decreasing the hardness of the fascia that surrounds the tissues that cause pain. It is suitable for increasing blood circulation and lowering anxiety. It can be used by athletes to improve aerobic capacity, but be aware that, in some cases, the lotus flower may detach during use.

AJNA - Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set with Carrying Bag
  • Size: Not specified
  • Material: Linen and Cotton Outer
  • Colors: Beige, Black
  • Acupressure points: 7000
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow and carrying bag
  • Perfect for lowering blood pressure
  • Designed for neck pain
  • Chemical free
  • Optimized acupressure tips for good stimulation
  • Hand wash only
  • Does not specify measurements and padding
Relieve sciatica pain and reduce neck muscle stiffness with a set of Ajna acupressure mats and pillows. Its more than 7000 spikes easily adapt to the back and cervical area, thanks to the distribution of the mat with lotus flower. Its tips do not affect the health of the skin and contribute to indirect massage to achieve myofascial release of tissues.

The treatment can be applied as many times as you want, but if you want to get a faster restorative effect you should apply acupressure for 20 minutes daily. Just lie down and place the pillow on your neck and back on the mat to release energy and relieve pain. It is composed of flax, cotton and coconut, which is suitable against insomnia, although you should know that, in some people this benefit was not achieved.

ShaktiMat - Acupressure mat and deep relaxation pillow
  • Size: Mat: 74x44cm - 29,1x17,3in
  • Material: Cotton Exterior
  • Colors: Indian Design
  • Acupressure points: 4000
  • Pack: Massage mat
  • Handcrafted design
  • Optimized acupressure tips for good stimulation
  • No padding specified
Athletes, experts and any demanding person who wants to achieve natural relaxation in just a few minutes need the Shakti Mat. Its design allows you to rest your mind and restore your body by simply influencing the Trigger Points that help soften critical areas of the fascia. Thanks to its system of spikes on each lotus flower you can get a unique acupressure experience to reduce stress and reduce anxiety.

It is designed so that anyone can get the most out of its 4000 spikes strategically placed throughout the mat. Its lotus flower design adapts better to the back, neck and foot of the person, so it is possible to achieve the desired intensity to stimulate blood circulation. It does not include a pillow, which may limit its use in cervicalgia.

Fretech - Set Acupressure Mat and Pillow with 2pcs Massage Balls for Pain Relief Therapy
  • Measurements: 69x24in
  • Material: Cotton Exterior
  • Colors: Purple
  • Acupressure points: 7800
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow, 2 balls and carrying bag
  • Effectively relieves tension
  • Perfect for relaxation and post-workout regeneration
  • No padding specified
Experience the benefits of acupressure therapy by combining the techniques of oriental medicine. For this you need to use a TOMSHOO self-massage pillow mat. This set is useful to distribute, among its 7800 plastic tips, all the weight of the body to reduce muscle tension and discomfort. It is suitable to be used against chronic stress and circulation problems because it helps myofascial release effectively.

Look no further and choose this acupressure mat that includes, as a gift, two balls for foot massage and reflexology. The cotton cover is covered with soft foam and keeps the body relaxed thanks to the 230 lotus flowers, while the pillow contributes to a better blood circulation thanks to its 59 strategically placed nails. In some cases the quality of the material may cause skin allergies.

Kanjo - Coconut acupressure mat with carrying bag
  • Measurements: 71x43x2,5cm - 28x17x1in
  • Material: Cotton outer and coconut fiber filling
  • Colors: White
  • Acupressure points: Not specified
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow and carrying bag
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Ergonomic pillow
  • Designed for neck pain
  • Chemical free
  • Does not specify number of acupressure tips
  • Too small for some people
You can loosen fascia sticking and improve blood stimulation in tired feet with a Kanjo mat. It is designed so that each of its lotus flowers delivers the benefits of acupressure through its synthetic tips. It can be applied to the back, hip or any other part of the body where you need to relax the muscles. You can also use it to reduce stress and find peace of mind.

Its cotton and linen fabric generates the ideal surface to increase the time of use, while its natural coconut fiber filling promotes air, thus improving the user's comfort. Achieve the soothing effects of myofascial release just by using this acupressure blanket for 20 minutes per day. Please note that its carrying bag and pad stitching may tear after a while.

XiaoMaGe - Set 4 acupressure mats with carrying bag
  • Measurements: Pillow: 8,6x11,2in - Mat: 28,7x16,5in
  • Material: Cotton Exterior
  • Colors: Black, Green
  • Acupressure points: Pillow: 1782 - Mat: 6930
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow, 2 cushions and carry bag
  • More complete than most
  • Many acupressure points in any one unit
  • No padding specified
Lie back on the XiaoMaGe acupressure mat kit to take full advantage of the benefits of myofascial release. The four high-quality pieces included in this product set will allow you to rest your neck and position your feet to stimulate blood circulation. If desired, you have the option of choosing the smaller pad to stand on its 1782 pressure points to treat symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

Do not miss this opportunity because the almost 7000 spikes will act on your back to achieve a general wellness of your body. The mat we offer you is ideal for yoga, pilates and other sports where you need to interact with the floor. It stimulates your body to get endorphins and oxytocin, but keep in mind that in some cases the size is not enough to cover the entire back.

HemingWeigh - set acupressure body pillows and mats with bag
  • Measurements: Mat: 73x43x2,5cm - 29x17x1in
  • Material: Cotton outer and high density foam padding
  • Colors: Yellow, Blue, Grey, Black, Black, Purple
  • Acupressure points: 8820
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow and carrying bag
  • Latex free
  • Carrying bag included
  • Perfect for lowering blood pressure
  • Chemical free
  • Does not specify cushion measurements
  • Too soft for some people
You can manage your own therapy just by lying on the HemingWeigh acupressure mat for about 20 minutes per day. In addition, you have the possibility to treat neck pains thanks to its lotus flower cushion, which stimulates blood circulation and produces a feeling of well-being. It is ideal for treating stress symptoms, reducing fatigue and improving aerobic capacity because its 8820 spikes act directly on the trigger points.

Choose this acupressure mat with its pillow and carrying bag to take it to the gym and recover faster from demanding activities. Its cotton fabric material is skin-friendly, but be aware that the high-density foam padding may cause irritation to the body because it does not evaporate body moisture.

TOMSHOO - Acupressure mat and pillow set with 2 massage balls
  • Measurements: Pillow: 13x5,9in - Pillow: 26,8x16,5in
  • Material: Not specified
  • Colors: Various Colors
  • Acupressure points: 7800
  • Pack: Massage mat, 2 spiked balls, carry bag
  • Includes spiked massage balls
  • Various models to choose from
  • Perfect for lowering blood pressure
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • No material or padding specified
  • Users report that the mat is too thin
Don't let time pass and choose a TOMSHOO acupressure mat with its pillow to treat neck pulls. It is designed with safe hard plastic material, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The organic cotton fabric will prolong the use of massage sessions because it has more than 7800 tips that help reduce stress and generate optimal support on the less flexible points of the fascia.

To get more results you can use the two balls with tips that come as a gift. With them you will improve the blood vessel dilation system and reduce anxiety. You can use it outdoors or in the office because it will not take up space when stored in its carrying bag. The balls may not be very effective in certain types of shoulder and foot injuries.

DoSensePro - Extra Long Acupressure Mat Set
  • Dimensions: Mat: 73,6x41,9cm - 29x16,5in
  • Material: Linen outer and coconut fiber filling
  • Colors: Natural, Black, Purple
  • Acupressure points: Not specified
  • Pack: Massage mat with pillow and carrying bag
  • Carrying bag included
  • Filled with natural coconut fibers
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Chemical free
  • Does not provide cushion measurements
  • Does not specify acupressure points
The DoSensePro acupressure mat set with pillow is designed for the discerning individual looking for quality materials and durability in products. The compression mat is made of natural coconut fibers and its linen covering releases muscle stiffness during the twenty minutes of each therapy. It comes with a gift bag to carry the lotus flower blanket anywhere.

Just lie down and wait a few minutes until the skin begins to receive a greater blood flow, thanks to this action you will obtain an emotional and mental balance that will serve to combat injuries in any part of the body. When you lie down, place the pillow in an aligned position to relieve neck pain. Keep in mind that the size may be small for some people.

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The types of acupressure mats for pain relief you should know about

How can using the acupressure mat help reduce anxiety?

Those who suffer from anxiety know that it is a permanent condition that produces fears, insecurities, insomnia and a whole range of emotional and physical signs that are visible and affect people's quality of life. The acupressure mat has several ways of providing physical benefits, so that people quickly perceive a sense of physical stability, which in the medium and long term also generates emotional stability.

Thus, the acupressure mat helps to combat anxiety:

  • Reduce tension: One of the consequences of stress is that the body remains tense, creating knots in the muscle fibers that are uncomfortable for individuals and affect their daily lives.
  • Calms the mind: these 15 or 20 minutes on the mat will help you focus your mind on the exercise and distract yourself from the problems that affect you.
  • Oxytocins and endorphins are released: These are natural hormones that create a physical sense of well-being by helping to relax fibers and control metabolism. People are often unaware of these important benefits.
  • Better energy distribution: Since the acupressure mat is designed according to the principles of acupuncture, it ensures that the energy load is not concentrated in a single part of the body.
  • Treats headaches: headaches are sometimes caused by tension in the neck and shoulder area. By simply laying your body on the mat, you help the muscles to unknot, reducing headaches.
  • Create a healthy habit: by using this product daily, you will take care of your body and mind, avoiding muscle disorders caused by stress and anxiety. There are no limits to the use of this product as long as you stick to the time you use per session.
  • An ally for yoga and Pilates: using the mat maximizes the benefits of these exercises in which you regularly participate and which help reduce anxiety, create space for better sleep and elevate mood.

How do you use the acupressure mat to reduce your anxiety problems?

Since you are looking for intense relaxation, you do not need to perform any movement routines. It is enough to adopt a few positions on this product so that the bed of nails initiate a muscular and myofascial relaxation process.

For the back

  • Place the mat and pillow on the floor.
  • Slowly lie down on the mat.
  • Initially, the lotus flowers will be uncomfortable as the body needs to adjust.
  • The pillow should be placed under your head and cover most of your neck.
  • Stretch your feet and extend your arms in a relaxed manner.
  • You can hold this position for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Avoid falling asleep so as not to prolong the suggested time.

For the lower back

You can also focus the relaxation on the lumbar area, for this you need to make some adjustments:

  • Place the acupressure pillow under your tailbone.
  • Bend both legs without lifting the feet off the floor.
  • Try to breathe slowly.
  • Hold this position for another 10 minutes as long as there is no discomfort.
  • If you like, you can rotate your hips to either side.

For the chest and abdomen

It is also important to stimulate the chest and abdomen, so you should follow these steps:

  • Turn your body upside down.
  • The mat should touch from your chest to your thighs.
  • Your face and arms should not be resting on it.
  • Maintain your gentle breathing.
  • You can stay in this position for another 10 minutes.

For the feet

And if you are one of those people who feel stress in the feet, then you should work this area carefully:

  • Place the acupressure mat on the floor.
  • Stand on it with your feet together.
  • Remember not to make any movements.
  • You can stay in this position for five minutes if you do not feel any discomfort.
  • Be careful not to lose your balance during this time.

Tips for a calmer life without stress and panic attacks

In addition to using this product to combat stress, you can make some changes in your life that will help you better channel your emotions and better control the symptoms that anxiety and stress leave on your body.

  • Exercise: exercise distracts the mind, keeps the body active and prevents you from focusing on negative thoughts that lead to stress and anxiety.
  • Regular massages: in addition to stimulating the mat, massages reduce muscle tension, calm the mind and relieve the stiffness that the body suffers when it enters a state of mental tension.
  • Use a foam roller: it is a great product to help the body adapt and resist the tension caused by the mind. Just perform gentle, flat movements to loosen the fascia.
  • Yoga and meditation: these two practices help keep the body aligned with positive thoughts. Both modalities promote creativity and inspire action.
  • Reduce your free time: find hobbies, engage in outdoor physical activities such as hiking, seek out positive people to have ongoing conversations and prevent the mind from getting carried away with negativity.
  • See the glass half full: Looking at problems from a different perspective is also helpful; it is not advisable to take only the perspective of negative consequences.
  • Prioritize: If there is something for which there is no solution, just face reality and move on with your life by focusing on the situations for which there is a solution.
  • Seek professional support: don't dare or be afraid to ask a psychologist for help, because stress is a real scenario and anxiety is a condition that people can't handle on their own in most cases.

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