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Best foot rollers massage for pain relief - Buying Guide: 2024

If you want to know what plantar fasciitis is and how you can reduce the symptoms , read on. You will learn in detail what causes it and how acupressure can help you release the myofascial areas. We'll also tell you what a foot massage roller is for and how you can use it to relieve pain.

You will discover a buying guide with the best tips on how to get the foot massage roller that best suits your needs. Don't miss out on learning about the benefits and advantages of myofascial foot massage therapy, which can be achieved simply by using a deep tissue roller.

What is the best foot rollers massage for pain relief?

Tumaz - Ergonomically designed massage roller for plantar fasciitis relief
  • Size: 16x7,6cm - 6,3x3in
  • Material: ABS and EVA
  • Colors: Black
  • Quality: Medium
  • Pack: Different packs to choose from
  • Various options for different models and packs
  • Ideal for applying firm pressure to muscles
  • Ideal for various muscle groups
  • Quality finish
  • Little 3D texture
  • Transport bag not included
The ergonomic design and quality EVA materials of the Tumaz foot roller are ideal for everyday use. Thanks to the myofascial release you will get the internal and deep tissues of the foot to generate a good exchange of nutrients with the blood, which will help relieve pain, deflate the area and reduce stiffness.

It is designed to be used by anyone, so if you want to relax your feet after a long day of work you can not miss this opportunity. Sit down and place your foot in a relaxed way to step on the roller until you get a good pressure. After a few minutes, acupressure therapy will generate effects that will help you with your health. It is not recommended for advanced injuries due to the design of its tips.

TOBREFE - Massage roller for deep tissue trigger points recovery on feet
  • Size: One size fits all
  • Material: TPR and PVC
  • Colors: Blue, Orange, Green
  • Quality: Medium
  • Pack: Pack 1 Roller and 2 3D Balls
  • Pack of massager and two balls with 3D texture
  • Chemical free
  • Ideal for applying firm pressure to muscles
  • Latex free
  • Too intense for some people
  • Does not specify measurements
Choose the TOBREFE massager set to apply acupressure and penetrate into the deep tissue of the feet. This oriental medicine will help you stimulate trigger points for myofascial release, which will help reduce stress and plantar fasciitis. Includes a roller massager for application to the sole of the foot to improve blood circulation, but can also be used on other areas of the body.

You will find a pair of massage balls with spikes for relaxation and stress reflexology. You can use this set all day and take it anywhere, as it is lightweight and does not take up space in your backpack. Its use does not cause damage or sensation of paresthesia due to the distribution of the contact points, but keep in mind that its ergonomic design may cause pain in some cases.

ChiFit - Manual Foot Roller Massager for pain relief
  • Size: 16,7x7,1cm - 6,6x2,8in
  • Material: LDPE+TPE
  • Colors: Red, Green
  • Quality: Low
  • Pack: 2 Packs to choose from
  • Option to choose more complete packs
  • Ideal for various muscle groups
  • Designed for optimal massage
  • Lightweight for travel
  • Too soft for some people
  • Difficult to clean
Don't wait any longer and choose a ChiFit myofascial massage roller for your foot injuries. Its use will help you reduce the thickening of the tissue around the nerves of the toes and recover faster from plantar fasciitis. It has a central cylinder with a contact point design made of LDPE+TPE material, which will make the fascial release in the deep tissues of the foot.

Just by rubbing the sole of the foot for a few minutes you will get the blood supply to improve and generate oxygen exchange to help reduce inflammation. It can be used to lower anxiety and improve night rest, due to the use of reflexology therapy. The quality of the materials is good, but its use may cause the roller to detach.

TheraFlow - Wooden double foot roller massager
  • Measurements: 28,2x16,5cm - 11,1x6,5in
  • Material: Wood
  • Colors: Wood
  • Quality: High
  • Pack: 1 Roller with instruction manual
  • More complex than most
  • Ideal for both feet
  • Difficult to transport
Get maximum relaxation for your feet with a TheraFlow dual massage roller. It's ideal for treating symptoms of plantar fasciitis, arch and work stress relief. Includes a handy instructional guide and reflexology chart to reduce fatigue and improve overall well-being. It can be used by anyone by simply sitting in a chair and placing both feet on the roller.

Each myofascial massager is made up of five cylinders that move individually, the first one being the only one with a different point distribution to reach the toe tissues. The other four massage sensitive areas to achieve better blood circulation. It is made of material suitable for health, but keep in mind that its system can be uncomfortable due to the prolonged curvature that has to support the feet.

Blissful Being - Foot roller to relieve plantar fasciitis and pain
  • Size: 19x8,25cm - 7,5x3,25in
  • Material: Special gel
  • Colors: Green
  • Quality: Medium
  • Pack: 1 Roller
  • Suitable for various areas of the body
  • Hot-cold therapy
  • Ideal for various muscle groups
  • 3D design for optimal massage
  • Some people may find it soft
  • No material specified
With the Blissful Being roller you will get a soft and relaxing massage on your feet combining acupressure therapy with cold treatments and thermotherapy. Thanks to this personal massager you will achieve therapeutic effects that will help you reduce stress and improve blood circulation. It can be used by the elderly and any athlete who needs to recover quickly from plantar fasciitis or ankle sprains.

It is filled with medical gel, which you can place in the freezer until the necessary temperature is reached or heat it with water to generate heat to relax the trigger points of the fascia. You will not need electricity or battery to get the benefits, you just have to press your foot until you begin to feel the relaxation of the myofascial massage. Please note, the temperature may be short-lived during use.

TheraFlow - Wooden massage roller perfect for arch pain relief
  • Size: 16x7x3,8cm - 6,3x2,76x1,57in
  • Material: Wood
  • Colors: Wood
  • Quality: High
  • Pack: 1 Roller with instruction manual
  • Ideal for applying firm pressure to muscles
  • More complex than most
  • Made with quality materials
  • Designed for optimal massage
  • Too intense for some people
  • Difficult to clean
The environmentally friendly wood used in the construction of the TheraFlow foot massage roller triggers trigger point stimulation to relax the deep tissues of the foot. It is designed with tips that penetrate each sensitive area of the fascia to soften it for early myofascial release. Its structure consists of a fixed non-slip support with a central movable cylinder, which should be placed on the bottom of the foot.

The separation of each of the massage tips is ideal for treating plantar fasciitis and improving heel joint amplitude because it oxygenates the tissues that accumulate toxic substances. It is suitable for people with pronounced arches, as the roller manages to massage all areas of the foot. The hardness may be a disadvantage for users with sensitivity or advanced injuries to the sole of the foot.

GoMassages - foot roller massager with ball for plantar fasciitis
  • Size: Roller: 8x3,5in - Ball: 2,8in
  • Material: PVC, EVA
  • Colors: Grey, Red
  • Quality: Medium
  • Pack: 1 Roller and 1 3D ball
  • Complete pack of roller and ball
  • Latex free
  • Difficult to clean
Heel and arch pain will be a thing of the past when you start using the GoMassages acupressure massager on a regular basis. This is due to its ergonomic system that allows each of its tips to rest on deep tissue and achieve trigger point stimulation. In addition, you can use the massage ball with tips that comes as a gift with this myofascial release product.

Don't be fooled by poor quality items that won't last you a single session, use the roller we recommend to relieve pain from the comfort of your home. If you want to continue with your lifestyle, just sit in a chair and use the massager for a few minutes, running it over the sole of your foot. It is important to consider that, for some users, therapeutic results may take time to appear.

Pasnity - Foot Massage Roller for Pain Relief and Spiked Balls Pack
  • Measurements: Roller: 6,7x2,7in - Balls: 2,75in
  • Material: Rubber
  • Colors: Blue, Orange, Green
  • Quality: Medium
  • Pack: 1 Roller and 2 3D balls
  • More complete than most
  • Ideal for various muscle groups
  • Does not include carrying bag
Without spending extra money you can have your own masseuse at home, just use the Pasnity deep tissue foot massage roller. Its design, developed with a multi-pronged central cylinder, is suitable for achieving the therapeutic effects of acupressure and improving plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and joint inflammation. Reflexology therapy can also be applied together with the two complimentary spiked balls.

The density of the roller and the other individual massagers will complement the physiotherapy massages. This will correct blood circulation and stimulate myofascial release by stretching the fascia. It can be used by anyone, as its ergonomic design fits precisely to the anatomy of the foot, but note that the size may be small for other parts of the body.

MAOGANI - Foot Massage Roller with included accessories pack
  • Measurements: Roller: 7,9in - Ball: 2,5in
  • Material: EVA and Rubber
  • Colors: Blue, Grey, Black
  • Quality: Medium-High
  • Pack: 1 Roller, Ball and Elastic Bands
  • Ideal for various areas of the body
  • More complex than most
  • Ideal for various muscle groups
  • Designed for optimal massage
  • Too intense for some people
  • Difficult to transport
No matter if you are a professional athlete or a person who just needs to relax your feet after walking or a long day at work, you can use the MAOGANI myofascial foot massage kit. This acupressure set is composed of a massage roller with spikes, two elastic bands to hold and compress the arch of the foot and a self-massage ball.

Each of these elements will serve to relieve stress and improve blood circulation. Combine different exercises using these products to achieve faster recovery from plantar fasciitis, ankle inflammation or pulled muscles. Their material and design are designed to last over time and generate greater comfort during use. The high quality foam will not crush during each session, which can cause pain.

TheraFlow - Double Foot Massage Roller
  • Measurements: 28,2x16,5cm - 11,1x6,5in
  • Material: Wood
  • Colors: Wood
  • Quality: High
  • Pack: 1 Roller with instruction manual
  • More complex than most
  • Ideal for both feet with non-slip base
  • Difficult to transport
Take care of your health as real professionals do and have your own masseur at home. To do this you will need to start using the TheraFlow myofascial foot massager. This double roller is intended for use by people who want to recover quickly from foot injuries and pain. It is designed with 10 cylinders that work individually on different sensitive areas of the foot.

Thanks to the stimulation of trigger points and deep tissues you will be able to reduce stress and improve blood circulation to eliminate toxins lodged in the tissues. The distribution of the contact points helps to release the fascia and the first roller relaxes the toes, which improves overall well-being. Its design can be uncomfortable, as it does not glide and you need to generate more pressure.

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The types of massage products you should know about

What is plantar fasciitis and how can I reduce its symptoms?

Plantar fasciitis is a condition caused by inflammation of the plantar aponeurosis, which is located on the bottom of the foot. It is a long tissue that connects the heel to the toes and acts as a support to absorb vibrations and shock when walking, running or jumping.

Inflammation of the plantar fascia is caused by microtears or tensile stress caused by repetitive stress on the foot. It is most commonly seen in athletes who play basketball, volleyball, and running, although it also occurs easily in women who wear high heels or in people with flat feet.

The pain may be localized on the sole of the foot near the toes. This symptom often occurs in the morning in bed, after a long walk or standing for a long time. It may also occur after sitting for several hours and suddenly standing up. Most susceptible to this disorder are people with overweight, flat feet, the above-mentioned athletes and people who often wear unsuitable footwear. But men and women between the ages of 40 and 60 should not be forgotten.

To recover from the pain of plantar fasciitis, you should not expose your foot to strenuous activities that affect the plantar fascia. This can be accompanied with acupressure therapy through massages applied in a natural way. You can use a foot massage roller with nubs to promote blood circulation, reduce symptoms and support trigger points. For this reason, we recommend you to choose a massager for plantar fasciitis to reduce your symptoms.

Buying guide: tips for buying the best foot massager roller

Pay attention to the following buying guide, where we show you tips on how to choose the best foot massage roller:


The material is an aspect you should consider as you will get a longer life, a product that won't make your feet sweat, and a hardness that will stimulate trigger points and internal tissues in a different way. It is possible to find foot massage rollers for the feet that are made of:

  • Wood: With this material you can reach the deeper tissue more accurately and improve the symptoms of muscle tension.
  • Silicone: Self-massage rollers for myofascial loosening made from this raw material are durable and are used to promote blood circulation.
  • Foam: Models of this type are used to relax the soles of the feet and promote the elimination of toxins.
  • Plastic: This material makes the roller light and easy to carry. You can also find their design in the derivative of this raw material, PVC.
  • Rubber: This is one of the most commonly used materials, as it is non-slip and you can choose a high or low density, which creates greater versatility of the item.


Massagers are easy to carry because of their size. Usually, the width of a roller corresponds to the width of the foot, so the foot fits perfectly into the product. You can also find double massagers, which are suitable for both feet when sitting. These models contain a fixed base on which the product does not need to be rolled.

As for the length, foot massagers are simple and correspond to the circumference of the middle cylinder. However, this does not mean that you can find massagers with four or five rollers that work independently and press on different areas of the foot. These are located inside a flat base that serves as the axis for each roller.


At this point, you should keep in mind that the hardness is related to the material from which the massager is made. Therefore, the density may vary depending on the raw material used for its construction.

  • If you want to stimulate blood circulation, you should use a low density, that is, a material made of rubber or silicone, so as not to affect the tissues.
  • On the other hand, if you want to relieve muscle tension in the foot, you should choose a high density to reach the deeper tissue of this part of the body. In this case, you should opt for a foot massager made of wood or hard foam, although this may cause pain after the sessions.


The shape of a foot massage roller can be concave or convex to engage the feet and create pressure on the trigger points that keep the fascia restricted. This depends on your needs, since the treatment of plantar fasciitis is not the same as that of heel pain. In the first case, you need a design that is depressed in the center, while in the second example, you need to opt for a design that protrudes in the center.

On the other hand, their shape can also vary in terms of the number of cylinders. You can choose whether you want a product with only one cylinder or a set of 4 or 5 individually acting cylinders. In the first case, you need to apply pressure with your foot to make the massager move across the floor, but in the second model, the rollers do not move, since it has a rigid base and only the cylinders rotate. In this situation, the pressure you create is less, but you have more contact in different areas of the foot.


You should not neglect this aspect, since it is an important point that can affect your health if you choose a product that is not made of safe and durable materials. For this reason, we always recommend that you do not put your health at risk and choose foot massagers that are not very cheap, since they can be made of fragile raw materials or can hurt you if you apply pressure.

Advantages and benefits of foot massage roller

Myofascial foot massage therapy generates advantages and benefits, which are presented below:

  • Eliminates the feeling of fatigue. The heaviness produced after a long day of work or by too many strenuous movements of the feet can be treated by massaging the sole of the foot to achieve a better recovery.
  • Promotes blood circulation. Stimulation of the fibers allows better circulation in the affected area.
  • It contributes to a better oxygenation of the tissues. This aspect is also related to the previous point, because better blood circulation means that the exchange of nutrients and oxygen with the tissues is greater.
  • It relaxes the muscles. Tension is significantly reduced when trigger points on the foot are massaged.
  • Improves the movement of the joints. Both the toes and the ankle will have a better opening and feeling, because with the massages all the toxins that affect the amplitude and cause pain are removed.
  • It helps to stimulate the sensitivity. By making the blood circulate better in the foot, it also reduces fibromyalgia symptoms in the soft tissues.
  • It provides faster recovery from injuries. Massage helps recover faster from plantar fasciitis and muscle strains because it stimulates stretching of the muscles, promoting the removal of toxins.
  • It also reduces inflammation. Another reason why you should choose a foot massager is that the swelling will disappear in the course of your own massages due to the exchange of nutrients that takes place between the fibers and oxygen.

How do I use the foot massage roller for pain relief?

We will show you everything you need to know about using the myofascial massage roller for effective and fast pain relief. See below:

  • The first thing you should do is to find a position in which the foot is relaxed. To do this, we recommend you sit on a comfortable chair with your back straight to maintain good posture.
  • If you prefer, you can wear socks or not, although it is more effective not to do so, so that the roller's contact points reach the trigger points more precisely.
  • Place the massager on the floor, slightly further forward than the direction of your knee, until you reach an angle of almost 90° between the floor and your leg.
  • Then, carefully place your foot on the mass ager and locate the affected area on the bottom of your foot to match the massage roller.
  • Then begin to gently rub your foot from front to back. Remember that the path of the roller must touch the area of the trigger point that is causing the pain. Remember to apply gentle pressure as you pass over the painful area. Continue this process for three to five minutes.
  • When you begin to feel a slight pain and internal warmth, continue rubbing in the same direction, but increase the pressure for at least 15 minutes. Try to endure the pain.
  • Finally, decrease the frequency of rubbing and the pressure. Continue this step for at least another minute or two.

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